Supporting sound investment decisions

Earth at night seen from space, NASA

Key to success

Which innovative ideas and products will be a success?

Such precious ideas and products have one thing in common. They can be proven to meet critical scientific, technological and regulatory standards.

Analyzing how these standards work and how they can be met helps to make sound investment decisions.




Reality check

Be it in the idea phase, the proof-of-concept phase or further on in the development of a new product, a reality check can be provided at short notice. Critical steps can be analyzed and assessed in more detail.

To investors, the following services are offered:

  • Taking a scientific and regulatory snapshot of an innovative idea, project or product
  • Assessing the scientific position (What is available to date, both from development and from peer-reviewed literature? What is critical?)
  • Addressing the technological position (In what phase is the production? What is novel about the production strain, the starting materials or the process? What is known about composition and impurities? What is critical?)
  • Assessing the regulatory position (What is the formal position? What can be learned from examples? What is critical?)
  • Interviewing independent experts
  • Defining milestones and preparing a plan for further development and acceptance
  • Estimating timing and costs of further development
  • Assessing overall probability of success, from a scientific and regulatory perspective
  • Interviewing potential b-to-b customers
  • Identifying and classifying opportunites for communication
  • Analyzing market attractiveness and competition