Meet lsbi | life science-based innovations at Hi 2018 in Frankfurt!

Announcement of Mr. Christiaan Kalk participating at Hi conference 2018 in discussion panel on health claims

In Frankfurt, November 26-28, lsbi | life science-based innovations will participate in the 2018 Food and Nutrition Summit, the Hi tradeshow and the Hi conference.

Christiaan Kalk, founder and senior consultant at lsbi | life science-based innovations will chair the afternoon session on day 1 of the Hi conference, 27 November. An impressive line-up of speakers on consumer trends, functional ingredients and changes in the EU Novel Food Regulation, as well as a public poll will make this an interesting event!

Christiaan Kalk will participate in two panel discussions on day 2 of the Hi conference, 28 November. The first discussion (starting at 14:25) will focus on scientifically-proven health claims and whether they will become easier to obtain. The second panel discussion (starting at 17:30) will serve as a finale on the state of the industry: What's Hot? What's Not? What's Next?

lsbi is an official charity supporter of the Fi Global Odisha Challenge