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Your idea

You have an idea for a new product. It may involve a new use, a new technology or source material. You may see an emerging market or a consumer need. You may anticipate a new policy or regulation. Maybe you already have the product available at lab, pilot or production scale.. When is the moment to start thinking of safety requirements and regulations?

Act now

Safety requirements and regulations do not have to be the enemy of your idea. And if they are, in the end, you’d better be prepared.


A feasibility study is tailored to your preferences as a client. It may include, for instance, one or more of the following services:

  • product characterization (putting origin, production technology and data available on composition and impurities in a regulatory and safety perspective)
  • regulatory classification (for instance: would my product be a novel food in the EU?)
  • defining uses of the product in view of regulatory and safety requirements (in dialogue with the client)
  • consulting with authorities
  • consulting with external experts on specific issues
  • developing a tentative testing strategy
  • defining first-tier tests
  • provisionally identifying elements of a dossier for registration
  • developing a tentative time schedule towards market introduction
  • estimating the costs of testing and further safety/regulatory development
  • estimating overall feasibility and chance of success
  • providing a basis for further decisions

Can it be done?

By its nature, innovation cannot be fully predicted. Still, experience with over a hundred other innovative products at a high success rate will help to minimize time-to-market and to control costs, while maximizing the chance of success. You are welcome to tap into this.

Know what it may take..

Have a better plan..

Maybe adapt your original plan..

The earlier you know, the better!

Question marks


Q: Does a feasibility study take a lot of time?

A: No. Depending on the product, on the use and the phase of development, the turnaround time can be 2-6 weeks. If discussions with authorities or with experts in a specific field are needed, if new data have to be generated or the development idea changes, more time may be needed.

Q: Is a feasibility study expensive?

A: No. Compared tot he costs of wrong assumptions, a feasibility study by lsbi is cheap. Considering the benefit of knowing where you stand in development and being able to communicate about it, with investors, for instance, a feasibility study is inexpensive and can be essential.

Q: How much is it?

A: Please fill out a contact form or send an e-mail providing as many details as possible. You will receive an answer within a few working days. A non-disclosure agreement can be provided.

Q: There is no time to wait for 6 weeks. What else can you offer?

A: Based on the information that can be shared, a quick one-day preliminary check can be offered at very low cost.

Q: There is no money for a feasibility study. What else can you offer?

A: Based on the information that can be shared, a quick one-day preliminary check can be offered at very low cost.