Paprikas and pills

Novel Foods

Considerable experience is available on Novel Foods and ingredients, including, for example, algal oils, plant sterols and stanols, novel protein sources, non-digestible/fermentable carbohydrates, probiotics and carotenoids. Apart from application in all kind of mainstream foods, expertise includes foods for specific target groups (for instance: infants and young children, pregnant and lactating women, elderly, physical or mental performance, sports, special dietary requirements, clinical nutrition).



Additives, enzymes, flavours, packaging, labelling..

Expertise offered includes food additives, food enzymes and flavours, as well as food packaging and labelling. For smoke flavours, a new method of risk assessment was applied, using the so-called threshold of toxicological concern (TTC). A comparable approach was used to assess the safety of a cleaning and regeneration process for membranes used in beer filtration.