Commercial optimization

Computer screen with sales forecasts

Finally, your new product can be sold. It’s all hands on deck now..

External support

External commercial or scientific support may be needed. External support can be hired in many forms. At best, external experts and company staff join forces. Company marketing, sales and R&D staff may know their product best, while external experts bring in know-how.





The following services are provided to support commercial optimization:

  • preparing presentations including storylines, user notes an answers to questions anticipated, for instance on health claims, other opportunities for health messages, or labelling of final products
  • training the salesteam to communicate on health science and regulatory matters with knowledge and confidence
  • identifying key customers
  • visiting key customers
  • organizing and presenting a webinar
  • preparing and guiding a sales campaign
  • presenting at a scientific conference or at a commercial event
  • preparing a trade exhibition
  • developing content for a website or brochure
  • assisting in the development of a communication plan or an overall commercial strategy
  • assisting with regulatory, nutrition, toxicology or other life science issues
  • setting up R&D, regulatory, sales or marketing teams