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You see an opportunity for a product that supports health, performance or well-being. It may involve a new use, a new technology or a new source material. It may be part of a plan supporting healthier consumer behaviour, a diet or a form of monitoring. Maybe you already have the product available at lab, pilot or production scale.

If it is a food or a food ingredient that is developed, it should be realized that any food affects health, performance and wellbeing to some extent. So, what makes your food or food ingredient special? How can it be proven? How can it be communicated?

Be prepared

Regulations and scientific standards do not have to be the enemy of your idea. Still, proving a health effect and getting the message across can be tough. Being aware of where you stand and knowing what can be done: that is what lsbi delivers to its clients.


A feasibility study is tailored to your preferences as a client. It may include, for instance, one or more of the following services:

  • assessing the effect aimed at and the target population from a scientific perspective (How can it be measured? What proof or indication of proof is already available? To whom would the effect be relevant?)
  • assessing the regulatory context (What rules apply in the countries targeted for marketing? How are the rules interpreted? What guidance is provided?)
  • identifying related claims that are made now (What is the proof behind these claims? What is the level of endorsement?)
  • evaluating the data on health, performance or well-being currently available on the product in view of both scientific and regulatory criteria (public data and, if available, proprietary data)
  • checking if the product is sufficiently characterized and whether it may be sold in the countries targeted for marketing 
  • assessing opportunities for a content claim, for an efficacy claim, or for any other message or opportunity for communication
  • consulting with authorities
  • consulting with external experts on specific issues
  • developing a tentative testing strategy
  • defining first-tier tests 
  • provisionally defining elements of a dossier for registration
  • developing a tentative time schedule towards market introduction
  • estimating the costs of testing and further development of a claim or message
  • estimating overall feasibility and chance of success
  • providing a basis for further decisions

Grip on development

By its nature, innovation cannot be fully predicted. Still, experience with many other innovative products, claims and messages will help to minimize time-to-market and will help to control costs, while maximizing the chance of success.

Know what it may take.. 

Have a better plan.. 

Maybe you want to keep several options open, or want to adapt your original plan..

The earlier you know, the better!

Any budget

Even the feasibility phase of developing any kind of benefit message may take a significant amount of time and money. Well-spent as this may be, before going into a high level of detail, it can be good to discuss what is essential now. Based on several years of experience, involvement of lsbi can even be helpful if it starts start with a quick, one-day preliminary check.